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Vision Statement

Our Vision

To create an educational institution where learning will take place in a conducive environment, supported by world class teaching aids. Techniques and facilities in a sustainable manner.

Mission statement

Our Mission

At Goshen, our mission is to undertake the business of training our children with utmost seriousness and maximum commitment to the fulfillment of the dreams and expectations of pupils, parents and society.

Our Five Montessori


The Practical Life exercises: These are the foundation of the Montessori system. They are elementary movement and preliminary activities; such as sweeping, transferring, pouring, care of self, care of environment, fine and social skills, These exercises aim to bridge the gap between home and school and aid the child in that transition.

Sensorial education: The sensorial materials bring about a development where the child can compare, distinguish and discriminate where he/she can work with one or more of the exercises together in smooth motorization and mental conception.

Language: With the montessori method of teaching, basic writing, reading, listening and speaking skills are developed. The phonic method of learning to read alphabets produces understanding because a child first learns the phonic sound of each letter. With the help of sensorial materials, the child automatically knows how to hold the pencil.

Number Work: Through Maria Montessori;s deliberately designed method, the child makes the smooth progression from concrete to abstract.

Subjects Cultural Subjects, art & craft, Music, french, and computer appreciation.

Parents & Teachers Association


Goshen International Academy has a responsive and dynamic Parents – Teachers Association (PTA), this association meets regularly from time to time. The PTA no doubt serves as another internal regulatory layer after the management of the school. These organs make Goshen thick for what she is in teaching and learning. The present PTA is headed by Mr. Ugoh Mbanaso, his leadership has been marked with tremendous dynamism and the school is happy to work with him.