Goshen International Academy (G.I.A) at a glance. Our vision, mission, the curriculum we run, and our happy parents.

Our Vision

To create an educational institution where learning will take place in a conducive environment, supported by world class teaching aids. Techniques and facilities in a sustainable manner.

Our Mission

At Goshen, our mission is to undertake the business of training our children with utmost seriousness and maximum commitment to the fulfillment of the dreams and expectations of pupils, parents and society.

Our Five Montessori Curriculum

The Practical Life exercises: These are the foundation of the Montessori system. They are elementary movement and preliminary activities; such as sweeping,


Goshen International Academy has a responsive and dynamic Parents - Teachers Association (PTA), this association meets regularly from time to time.

Greetings from

The Head Of Schools

I am pleased to introduce our school to you and explain the vision for the education of our pupils.

It should start a conversation and process which will see your child well supported in coming to Goshen. After years as an educationist and a Mother, We know how important a school is that offers quality learning with high expectations. We are passionate and committed to maintaining the ethos and traditions of Goshen, whilst ensuring the school continues to provide quality all round 21st century experiences. Our aim, that all pupils are part of ‘a culture of continuous improvement’ which underpins our work and values for those in our care. We want all our children to fulfill their potentials.

Speech by:

The Director

We promote international mindedness because we believe in its inherent values in developing future citizens who are open minded, who think globally and are therefore prepared for life in the 21st century. We note that the school is privileged in many ways including it’s location on the popular 3rd Avenue road in Gwarinpa, a location that offers enormous advantages and access flexibilities (the school has two gates, a rear gate that avoids the busy 3rd avenue and offers a much safer picking and dropping of pupils in the school) to our teaming parents, we are very conscious of our obligations towards our pupils, which include sensitizing, encouraging and ensuring their growth in academic and other extracurricular activities while maintaining their active participation in emerging global trends like robust ICT engagements, health, safety and environmental management mindedness to mention. We promote a positive culture of self-discipline with clear guidelines on expectations, roles and responsibilities. Our goal is to develop discerning young people able to distinguish right from wrong and make appropriate choices. We promote high standards of achievement, our goal is to add value, maximize potentials and allow every pupil to flourish. In this, we are proud of the academic achievements of our pre-school, nursery and primary pupils. GIA offers an integration of Nigeria and British curricula. OUR ACADEMIC STANDARD Our academic standards enable pupils to transit into prestigious secondary schools effortlessly. We believe in investing in our human resources and in the continuous professional development of our staff and so, staff are constantly trained for proficiency and productivity. We look forward to your admission subscription for your kids into our prestigious GOSHEN INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY. Thank you for choosing GIA. Engr. Dominic Onoh The Director

Early Years


1. The first step of registration is to purchase an admission form. (form costs a non-refundable #2,000 only) 2. Once the form is completed and submitted, the prospective pupil will undertake a test in the core subjects to determine his or her current attainment (levels). 3.The pupil and parents will attend an interview to find out about the results of the test and to find the right placement for the child. 4. Once placement is confirmed, parents are given tellers from the front desk to the bank . Once payment is done, a proof of payment is made available to the front-desk officer for confirmation. A receipt is then issued and the child is ready for tutoring. ADMISSION CRITERIA: Prospective parents/guardians are welcome to make an appointment to tour the school. Please check the visiting days to confirm appointment. ACCEPTANCE: An acceptance of admission in Goshen International Academy signifies that you have accepted the school policies and have agreed to abide by those. In this context, you are advised to gain an awareness of all policies which are available on the school infobox.

Primary Admission


1. The first step of registration is to purchase and complete an admission form. 2. Once the form is completed and submitted, the prospective pupil will undertake a test in the core subjects to determine his or her current attainment (levels). 3.The pupil and parent/guardian will attend an interview following the successful outcome of the test in (2) above, the interactive interview will further familiarize the school with the pupil and parent/guardian 4. Once the child has been selected through this interview process and appropriate fees are paid, then the child is ready for tutoring. PRIMARY SUBJECTS English Language, Mathematics, Basic Science, Health Education, Social Studies, Verbal reasoning, Home Economics, Agric Science, French Language, Quantitative Reasoning, Vocational Aptitudes, Literacy, Religion, Music, Technical Drawing / Fine Art, Computer Studies, Hand Writing.

Why Goshen?

Our Distinguishing factors

Get to know why our parents chose Goshen International Academy over other schools.
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  • Curriculum
    • The Practical Life exercises:

    These are the foundation of the Montessori system.

  • Journey

  • so far
  • Goshen International Academy started from what was then known as Mercyland International School.
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  • Goshen
  • The driving vision for the school is that every pupil should develop a deep understanding and enjoyment of all learning,
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